A teller of stories: such as

a : a relater of anecdotes

b : a reciter of tales

c : a writer of fables

“It’s like Tolstoy said. Happiness is an allegory, unhappiness a story.”

― Haruki Murakami

Anthony Ristine Skidmore

is a Storyteller

Telling stories within far-reaching mediums, such as fiction, poetry, music, photography, painting, live performance, and any other art kind enough to have him. 

The culmination of which is the “story.” A work-in-progress entitled Poetic Meat (or the “Ominous Book” if you ask Anthony anywhere besides perched over his desk).


with regard to (something); such as

a : having to do with

b : at an opportune time

c : by way of interjection or further comment: with regard to the present topic

“If there is a moral to this part of the story, and I distrust morals in the same way that I distrust beginnings, it is simply this:

know that with which you deal.”

― Neil Gaiman

Anthony spent his childhood in the quiet Illinois town of Woodstock. Besides holding the title of “Typewriter City” due to producing more than half the world’s typewriters by 1922, it also had the privilege of being the site Orson Wells made his historic debut as a professional theater director.

Woodstock, beyond its lessons in hard work and harder winters, provided Anthony an appreciation of quiet libraries, independent bookstores, and the pursuit of words.

In his early twenties, those fascinations led him to the melting pot of Chicago. Anthony was lucky enough to spend three years living in the heart of the city forging relationships with artists communities, urban farmers, underground performers, one of the city’s longest standing family owned restaurants (at least at the time). Even the City of Chicago itself. During his midwestern exploits, Anthony serendipitously stumbled into a role as an art installation builder and event staff for the festival industry. Which consequently, led to falling in love with the romanticism of the journey west through the open roads and back alleys of America.

A few leaps of faith later, Anthony jumped into a literary tour across the United States, tracing the country’s history of words through the people and places that created them. Even getting the chance to work at the dude ranch Ernest Hemingway finished the first draft of A Farewell to Arms.

The call of windless winters and sunny skies led to the end of the tour and as a result, Anthony’s introduction to California. The place he now calls home.

You can find him chasing down a good book, hidden behind open pages at the communal art space where he resides, or wasting your time on the internet.